A few images to showcase products I have listed in my shop and have made in the past

Red Oak Kitchen Island Top delivered and Installed in clients home

Red Oak Kitchen Island Top Finished

Catan Board Storage/Carry Mode

Catan Board Storage Mode

Catan Board Opened with Pieces in their Cavities

Opened with Pieces Removed from their Cavities

Catan Board with No Game Pieces

Catan Board with Game Pieces

Ergonomic Cajon

Ergonomic Cajon - Exit Hole

Ergonomic Cajon - Snare On/Off Lever

Wooden Catan Organizers with no Game pieces

Wooden Catan Organizers with Game pieces

Wooden Catan Organizers with Game pieces

Custom Logo Coaters with 3D Printed Holder

Custom Logo Coaters - Close Up

Custom Logo Coaters

Custom Engraved Key Rack

Key Rack with content

Key Rack with content

Engraved Settlers of Catan Card Holders

Catan Card Holders with cards

Close up of resource card holder

Modern Wood Lampshades - Made from Oak

Lights on and shining through the top

Light shining through the alternating cuts

Oak Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand with headphone and cable

Cable Storage

Settlers of Catan Storage Case & Game Board

Catan case open with game pieces

Catan board set up for play with game pieces

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